Results August 2021

Collecting results online for all A level learners available on Tuesday 10th August 2021

Final awarded grades for all  A level programmes and all Level 3 Vocational Programmes can be viewed through your Proportal account.

Results will be available online from 8.00am on the 10th August 2021.   

Alternatively, you can login to MyDudleyCollege and follow the link to results from the homepage.  

To view results, go onto ProPortal, click “Information”, then choose “Enrolments” or “Exams”. (both will show you your results)

If you can’t login or you have forgotten your password please contact support via: Telephone on  01384 363 353 or online by emailing Include the following information your name, student ID, and date of birth. They will action immediately – and help you reconnect to your accounts.  

Clearing and securing your higher education place

If you have applied to go to University or want to study a Higher Education programme with Dudley College and you have an offer of a place from your Higher Education Institute you will be able to see if you have been accepted by logging on to Track.  

Been accepted?

If one of your choices has been confirmed then you’re in. Congratulations!

  • The uni or college will be in touch if there are any remaining requirements, like proof of your qualifications
  • You’re now entered into an agreement with them
  • So if you have any second thoughts, you’ll have to discuss your options with them.

Still waiting?

Don’t worry if you’re still waiting for a uni or college decision to be updated in Track.

  • The uni or college will update your application when they’ve seen all your results
  • They have a lot of applications to update though, so it might take some time
  • In some cases it might be that your results haven’t come through yet.

Unexpected grades?

If you haven’t done as well as you expected in your exams, don’t worry. There are still a number of options available to you. Here’s what to do if you didn’t do as well as you expected:

  1. Talk to your teachers and family about your options. Speak to the university or college you planned to go to – they may still take you, especially if you only just missed out on your grades.
  2. If you’re not able to get onto your chosen course, you can use UCAS’ Clearing service to find a similar course which is right for you, with entry requirements that match your grades. Find out more about Clearing.
  3. If you’re not able to get onto your chosen course, you may be able to resit your exams. Speak to your teachers about this and what you need to do next.
  4. Alternatively, you can look at doing something different, like a gap year or employment. Find out more about your options.

Information Advice and Guidance – Getting into University & support with clearing

Available by phone on Tuesday 10th & Thursday 12th.

Dudley College is here to support you if you want to go to university and want to enter the clearing system –our Careers Advisors are available to guide you through the process. Contact them via phone from 9am on Tuesday 10th August. Dudley Sixth staff will be available throughout the day on the 10th in the Dudley Sixth campus – if you need some support just come down to see them.   

Jaki, one our Careers Advisors that may have supported you with your UCAS applications will be available on: 01384 363 767 

Dudley College is here to support you if you are still unsure of which course or career pathway to choose. For advice and guidance, please contact our Careers Team. 

Appealing Teacher Assessed Grades

All learners who are awarded a Teacher Assessed Grade in summer 2021 have the right to appeal.  

There are two stages to the appeals process:  

Internal Process

Stage 1 – Centre Review  

Where learners have been awarded a Teacher Assessed Grade this year, they have a right to appeal.  Any appeal submitted to the College must come from the learner and not a parent or guardian.  Below are the grounds for requesting a Centre Review:  

  1. The College made an administrative error when submitting the Teacher Assessment Grade (TAG)   
  1. The learner believes the college has not followed the process correctly .

In the case of (1), we would agree to appeal on the learner’s behalf. This would be decided by the Curriculum Manager or the Exams Manager on review of the entered data.  

In the case of (2), Curriculum Management will conduct a detailed review on all of the evidence used to determine the TAG awarded. On completion of the review, the outcome will be shared directly with the learner to explain how the awarded grade was determined. If the learner is not satisfied, the learner has the right to appeal to the awarding organisation on completion of the Centre Review form.  

Stage 2 – Appeal to the Awarding Organisation  

Any learner can request an appeal where they believe there has been a procedural error, an administrative error or that their grade reflects unreasonable exercise of academic judgement. Appeals to awarding organisations must be made after the learner has received the outcome of their centre review and after the publication of results.  

The learner cannot make the appeal directly to the Awarding Organisation and the College will do this on the learner’s behalf on receipt of the completed centre review form.  

Key dates for appeals   

Priority Appeals (for those applying to university)  

10th August to 16th August 2021 –students can request a Centre Review  

10th August to 20th August 2021 – Centres conduct centre reviews  

10th August to 23rd August 2021 Centres submit appeals to awarding organisations  

Non-priority appeals   

From results day to 3rd September 2021 – students can request a centre review  

From results day to 10th September 2021 – centres conduct centre reviews  

From results day to 17th September 2021 – Centre submits appeals to awarding organisations  

At both stages of the process, the learner will need to submit their appeal to the college, which gives written consent to conduct the appeal or submit it to the awarding organisation on the learner’s behalf. It is important to remember that grades can go down, up or stay the same through either stage of the process.  

All appeals need to be made using JCQ Appendix B form and should be sent to the central appeals email –   

Each stage of an appeal will be monitored by our Standards and Performance Department. 

Teacher Assessed Grades

Following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK Government decided that the Summer 2021 examination series would not go ahead as planned. Instead, teachers determined grades, based upon a range of evidence verified by the college. These results were then be reviewed by the exam boards who designed each course, before awarding the final grades which reflect your performance on content you have been taught, and allow you to confidently progress to the next stage of your education or into employment.

Please read the following documents, which further explain the process by which grades were determined and outline the stages of the process if you wish to formally appeal an outcome.

  1. JCQ Guidance for students and parents on summer 2021
  2. JCQ Appeals Guidance Summer 2021 Appendix B
  3. JCQ Guidance Centre Policy Dudley College of Technology, Summer 2021