What we love about Dudley Sixth

“I have always lacked confidence about my academic ability, but my enjoyment of mathematics has just grown over the years with the encouragement of my tutors. I found the environment at Dudley Sixth incredibly supportive.”

“By the end of the two years I knew I wanted to find a higher Apprenticeship and after many applications I’m now working for Microsoft; marketing Xbox and pursuing a higher Apprenticeship in Chartered Management. It’s a dream opportunity that will lead to a degree and a CV full of real-world experience.”

"A Levels are definitely harder than GCSEs, but you get lots of help from the teachers which has made it easier to settle down."

"I'm studying for my Chemistry A Level,which is great because all the desks and equipment in the labs are new."

"When we're not in lessons there's loads of computers around so you can get on with your work."

"Seeing a familiar face from my old school when I first started at Dudley Sixth stopped me being so nervous about studying somewhere new."

"My A Level timetable means I have gaps between some of my lessons, so I can choose what I do and when I do it."

"It was great to have some of my friends from my old school around when I started at Dudley Sixth, but now I've made lots of new friends as well."