Course aims

This course will equip you with the knowledge and practical skills to study biology or a related subject at university.

Entry requirements

You will require at least two 6 grades in science GCSEs (or minimum 665 including biology at 6 if separate sciences studied) plus grade 6 in maths, in addition to the general entry requirements for A levels.

Course content

Unit 1 – Development of Practical Skills in biology

Learners carry out practicals throughout the course and develop various skills, which will then be examined.

Unit 2 – Foundations in biology

Topics include biological molecules, cell structure and membranes, enzymes and cell division.

Unit 3 – Exchange and transport

Topics include the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, plant structure and transport.

Unit 4 – Biodiversity, Evolution and Disease

Topics include disease prevention and the immune system, biodiversity, classification and evolution.

Unit 5 – Communication, Homeostasis and Energy

Topics include the nervous system, the kidney and liver, respiration, photosynthesis and muscles.

Unit 6 – Genetics, Evolution and Ecosystems

Topics include cellular control, inheritance, biotechnology, cloning, genetic engineering and sustainability.

Course assessment

Written examinations. Students will additionally complete a practical endorsement, which does not contribute to their overall grade and is pass/fail.


Recommended textbooks and Internet sites to be advised by your tutor. All students will be able to borrow a textbook from the library and all practical equipment will be provided. You will need to buy a scientific calculator.


Higher Education to study biology, medicine, dentistry, veterinary and other related science courses.