Classical Civilisation

Course Aims

Classical Civilisation studies the culture and history of the classical world. By this we mean the ancient Greeks and Romans who have a rich and exciting history. You will study the broad scope of the history of the classical world. You’ll also study the art, such as the world of ancient heroes like Odysseus and how the Greeks and Romans portrayed aspects of their culture in art and literature. As part of this, you will develop a knowledge and understanding of important ancient concepts like politics and democracy.

Entry Requirements

You will require at least a grade 6 in English language or literature, in addition to the general entry requirements.

Course Content

Topics include:

  • Studying the classical plays either The Odyssey or The Iliad
  • Greek theatre
  • Imperial roman art and culture
  • How the classical world viewed the barbarian non-Romans and non-Greeks
  • Greek religion
  • Classical depictions of love and romance
  • Politics of the late Roman republic
  • Democracy and the Athenians.


Written assessments such as essays, short answers and presentations. Formal assessment will take place at the end of the two year course with three exams of varying lengths.


All set texts will be provided by Dudley Sixth.


An A level in classics would be useful in further degrees in History, Classics, Philosophy or English. The ability to research and compose complex written answers is also a skill that would be highly desirable for a number of professions and careers.