Course aims

Learners will explore and develop a range of ICT skills particularly useful in the workplace. It is a vocational course so the focus is on producing a practical application whilst being backed up with theory.

Entry requirements

Grade 5 in English and mathematics in addition to general entry requirements or BTEC level 2 Diploma in ICT.

Course content

Year One


Learners need to create a relational database from a given scenario. They will normalise the data to create a structure, implement, test and evaluate a database. This is an externally assessed unit taken over ten hours in a one week period.

Social media

This unit looks at how businesses can use social media to promote their products and services. Learners will look at both positive and negatives of businesses using social media and the most appropriate sites to be used based on their target audience. Learners will develop, post and monitor several social media sites. They will use tools available on the internet to optimise their posts in order to improve the traffic to them. The unit is assessed by coursework.

Year Two


This unit explores how complex spreadsheets can support decision making in organisations by showing the consequences of alternative choices before they are actually made. You will find out how to design, develop and test a spreadsheet before responding to user feedback to improve it. This unit is assessed by coursework.

Hardware and software

This unit looks at how Hardware and Software interact with each other to form an IT system. Learners will also look at the relationship between users and systems and the decisions that businesses and individuals need to make. Learners will explore issues related to IT and their impact on businesses and individuals. Assessment is a 2 hour written examination.

Course assessment

External assessment, examination and coursework.


Recommended textbooks advised by your tutor. Extensive use of the Internet and relevant websites will be an important source of material for this course.


Higher Education or employment.