Our continued response to the Coronavirus pandemic

Reopening and Covid-19 Daily Contact Testing

Dudley Sixth is be taking part in a new study called “Daily Contact Testing” (DCT) which is being led by the Department for Health and Social Care through NHS Test and Trace. This will only involve students and staff who have been in close contact with a person who is positive for COVID-19 and we will allow them to remain in college to study if they agree to testing daily for 7 days with rapid tests.

Participation is completely voluntary. If a students do not wish to take part they must continue to follow national guidelines. The college will continue to support students self-isolating at home at all times.

The following information provides you with detailed guidance as to how we will take place and the benefits of participation:

Consent to involvement in the trial will be obtained on an individual basis as required.

By taking part in Daily Contact Testing we will be able to minimise any disruption to students education and contribute to ongoing studies as to how best to limit the future impact of Covid-19 in our community and nationally.

Support for remote learning

If you are finding it difficult to study remotely you can get support in accessing technology to assist in remote learning. The form you need to complete is here: Request form for support in accessing technology. You can also apply for free mobile data. Find out more here.

Exam and Assessment Update

For the latest information on how assessments will be made this year read: Getting your results this summer and view this easy to understand document from Ofqual Infographic – How vocational and technical qualifications will be awarded in 2021. We will share more information as it becomes available from awarding bodies.