Our continued response to the Coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus Update 7th October 2021

Dudley Sixth is committed to keeping all staff and students safe and as the number of Coronavirus cases in the Dudley Borough remains high.

We are aware that this has impacted on schools and colleges locally including those in nearby Wolverhampton who have been instructed to return to wearing masks on site. This isn’t currently the position in Dudley, but with the increased cases there has been one change to the local guidance regarding when a PCR test is needed.

Currently it is still a requirement that all staff and students complete two lateral flow tests per week. Individuals should then book a PCR test if they get a positive LFT result OR they show Covid symptoms (high temperature, new continuous cough or loss of taste/smell).

New guidance is now recommending that people also get a PCR test if they have cold symptoms, rather than relying on lateral flow testing. However, you do not have to isolate while waiting for PCR results if it is based on cold symptoms.

Current actions for staff and students of Dudley Sixth

  • The wearing of face masks on college sites is optional – no one is required to wear them.
  • Everyone to continue to perform two lateral flow tests (LFT) per week and log results on NHS website.
  • If your LFT is positive or you have Covid symptoms you should take a PCR test. You will be asked to isolate while you await results.
  • If you have cold symptoms then you are recommended to undertake a PCR test, but you do not need to isolate while you await results.

PCR tests are available at a number of local sites. You can find out more and book a test using the Dudley website: www.dudley.gov.uk/coronavirustesting

Note if you are booking the test for cold symptoms only it asks you to select the option that states “My local council or health protection team has asked me (or someone I live with) to get a test, even though I do not have symptoms”, which confirms you do not have to isolate.

If you test positive please inform the College immediately using covidreport@dudleycol.ac.uk

Many thanks for your continued efforts to keep college a safe place to study.